5th & 6th 2019/2020


22.11.2019 Well done to all in 5th and 6th who made a great effort researching about two pioneering females of their choice and presenting their work in a beautiful way!


We may have lost our game against Rosemount but we played our hearts out until the final whistle blew and we never put our heads down or gave up. We tried our best and our goal is to win next time with the same courage and spirt the next time we play.

C.C. & A.M

we played Cornamaddy in Castletown pitch. It was a tight game at the start and as a team we were not playing the best. It was a draw at half time but in the second half we got our act together and came out with a win but we could of played better.

D.B & D.C



Although we didn’t play our best game we still came out of Ballinahown with a win. Ballinahown gave us a great game and we were lucky to come out on top. We played well but we could of played better.



Although we didn’t win, we all played our hearts out until the final whistle blew. We are looking forward to our next game and hopefully we come out with a win.


5th and 6th Class through their research on the origins of Halloween have created a quiz for all who are interested to test their knowledge on the topic! http://www.quiz-maker.com/Q5R1BG6

Congratulations to all the students in 5th and 6th class who participated in the Intel® Mini Scientist Exhibition 2019. Best of luck to the winning group who will go forward to represent the school in the Mini Scientist Regional Final event in December with the possibility of continuing on to the Grand Final event in February. This competition gives primary school students the opportunity to explore science through project based learning and exhibitions.

Program Aims

  • To encourage students to see that science is all around us and that it can be fun and exciting.
  • To encourage investigation into how, what and why things work the way they do.
  • To foster a strong interest about science in students before they take on the Junior Cert curriculum in secondary school.
  • To allow students demonstrate their experience of completing their project and the knowledge gained to the rest of their school.

Well done to 5th and 6th Class who had a great ‘Maths Week’ last week. They went to A.I.T. to see a performance by Ken Farquhar. He is one of Britain’s leading STEM presenters, inspiring young people since 1995. Amazing magic tricks were performed and the maths revealed. They found out about card tricks, juggling patterns, shape-shifting numbers and other astounding stunts and marvellous trickery in this mind-bending show!

Well done to 5th and 6th Class who participated in a yoga and mindfulness session today! They benefited from yoga activities that help with focus and concentration through mindfulness, meditation and breathing exercises.


Well done to 5th and 6th Class who used ‘Adobe Spark’ to create a whole class presentation on their current history topic! Click the link to see their great work!