Active School Flag

We’ve received our Active Flag!!

Active School Flag Slogan Competition

Slogan winners from each class

Overall winner!

Slogan winners


After a very successful Bring n Buy sale, all classes have received an Active Basket for use at break-times.

Active School Flag committee members and Playground leaders presenting thier classes with the Active Baskets.

October 18th 2018 – meet our Committee members and Playground leaders.

Our Playground leaders

Our Active School Flag Committee Members


October 17th – All application forms were viewed by teachers today and committee members and playground leaders will be announced tomorrow. Such an eager bunch of children we have and it’s wonderful to see.


October 15th – Mrs. Gorman has received lots of application forms. One more day to apply!!!


October 12th – Today we spoke with the children about applying for a position as a committee member or a playground leader. the children will put forward their interest by completing an application form and returning it to Mrs. Gorman by Tuesday October 16th. Committee members and playground leaders will be announced this week!! So exciting!!active school flag application 2


September 2018 –

We are in the process of achieving the Active School flag for the first time. Generally we are a very active school and we are aware of the importance of keeping our children active between lessons to increase brain activity. Over the next couple of months we will be encouraging the children to become even more active through a variety of exciting initiatives which will get everyone moving. Hopefully we will achieve our Active School Flag within the next year!