Iggy Fulham football Tournament

Dance lessons with Vanessa!

A Trip to the village playground!

Gymnastics for all students

Cycle Safety for 5th and 6th class

Day 2: Cycle Safe – out on their bikes

cycle safe

Day 1: Cycle safety talk

Cycle safety talk

Cycle safety talk

cycle safety talk

cycle safety talk

Hurling match today against Ballymore!

5th and 6th class Hurling squad

Out in front!

Get in there!!

Great hurling!

St. Michael’s ball

Fun developing hurling skills with our GAA coach Alan today!!

1st and 2nd class

great soloing

getting ready to go!

keeping the eye on the beanbag!

3rd & 4th class

Great soloing!!

soloing with beanbags



keeping her eye on the beanbag!

Junior and Senior Infants

Learning how to hold the hurl!

Picking up the hurl with our strong hand!

Developing hurling skills with Junior and Senior Infants!

Football skills with Alan our GAA coach

hand-passing skills

Hand-passing skills

Hand-passing skills

Today the 5th and 6th class took part in an indoor hurling blitz in Mullingar. They had great fun!

Go St. Michael’s!!

Great fun at the blitz!

Fun representing their school!

A great bunch of active children!

Ms. Monaghan and the girls at the blitz!


The children enjoying their PDST PE facilitator – September 2018

As an active school, we make a great effort to work along side external sports groups and we hope to increase that number this year as we try to achieve our Active School Flag.

Last year we worked with our GAA coach Muireann, our hockey instructor Denise and our Dance instructor Vanessa. The children from 2nd to 5th class also attended the Aura swimming pool in Tullamore for swimming lessons. Two of the teachers attended day 1 and day 2 of the Move Well Move Often CPD in Athlone Education Centre.

This year so far, GAA has gotten underway for all classes each Friday. The children from 2nd to 5th class will attend swimming lessons in November for 6 weeks. We had a PDST facilitator out for a full day where he spent the day carrying out gymnastics lessons with the children and assisting the teachers in teaching the gymnastics strand with limited facilities. The teachers have also attended a CPD course in GAA and active games which can be played at all class levels. We are also aiming to achieve the 5 Star Flag which is based on GAA activity and games. Two of the teachers will attend day 3 of the Move Well Move Often CPD in Athlone Education Centre next Spring.

We look forward to working with many other groups in the coming months.

The teachers enjoying their PDST CPD with their facilitator Liam – September 2018


The children in all classes enjoy their GAA training each week. We’ve had a selection of facilitators over the past few years including Thomas, Muireann and this year Alan.

Enjoying the game

Not much happening up this end!

GAA skills in the classroom – can’t depend on the weather!!

Hurling skills coming along well with Alan our GAA coach.