Physical Activity

Active Walkway

Our new Walkway is now launched.

Do Your Talking as You’re Walking

Daily Mile

Active at Lunch-time!




getting active in our lines!!



We work out in our lines after break-time. Getting and staying active is fun!!!


Hold those airplanes!!

Work it Wednesday!!!








Today we had ‘football free Friday’ at lunchtime. The Active school flag committee members and Playground leaders set up lots of fun activities in the yard. It went down a treat.

Beanbags and rackets


hurdle jumps and frog jumps

Beanbags and rackets

Football Free Friday FUN!!

Fun playing soccer

Fun playing basketball!

Children from 1st and 2nd class enjoying their Active Break between lessons!

Movement Breaks

So much fun getting outside for our active break!

children enjoying their active break – out for a quick jog/run!

Up and active – get those brains

Active dance break!

Children in Junior and Senior Infants enjoying their movement break!

All classes are taking and enjoying their movement breaks. Go Noodle is proving very popular. Also walks and jogs around the yard – drop everything and run – is going down a storm. We have also taken part in Take on the Teachers challenge and Run Around Europe.

Take on the Teachers Challenge – so much fun!!!

Take on the Teachers Come on Ms. Oxley!!

Take on the Teachers – who can score on Mary!!

Who can skip for longer? The children or Ms. Dalton???

Who can score more points in the basketball shoot-out….Ms Oxley or the 3rd and 4th class???

Take on the Teachers – who can score more???

Run Around Europe Challenge

Run Around Europe Challenge

Run Around Europe Challenge

Run Around Europe