Physical Education

All classes take part in physical education each week. The department of Education allocate 60 minutes a week which can be taught in one session or broken up into 2 30 minute sessions or 3 20 minute sessions. This is at the discretion of the class teacher.

As a whole school, we have decided to break up the stands which will be taught in blocks. The games strand will be included in each block as games are a huge part of each PE lesson. See below for when each strand will be looked at.

September/October: Gymnastics & Games

November/December: Aquatics & Games

January/February: Athletics & Games

March/April: Dance & Games

May/June: Outdoor & adventure activities & Games

PE is so much fun!!

PE 3rd and 4th class

PE 3rd and 4th class








PE – 3rd and 4th class having fun!